R-FACE BFT pack The Ayumi Hamasaki package - A box of carbon dioxide gas pack tubes (10g x 5tubes)

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Have a feeling of exhilaration during your daily bath time as if you visited a beauty treatment salon

  • Moisturize your skin
  • Improve the skin texture
  • Make your skin firm and glossy
  • Tighten your skin
  • Prevent rough skin
  • Make your skin silky-smooth

What is a carbon dioxide pack in the first place?

R-FACE BFT pack is different from
a carbon dioxide pack or carbonic acid pack

  • Carbon dioxide pack uses
    CO2(carbon dioxide gas)

  • Carbonic acid pack uses
    H2CO3(carbonic acid)

We focused on the function of
CO2 (carbon dioxide gas)
to bring out the natural beauty of the skin.


Three points

that turn your usual bath time into a blissful beauty treatment time

Carbon dioxide gas care used
in beauty salons and clinics

Do it easily at home

A one-tube carbon dioxide pack was created
by applying the carbon dioxide technology
which is popular as a facial treatment at beauty salons.
Turn your bath time at home into a beauty treatment time.
Experience this excitement.


Retinol × Bakuchiol
Enhance bare skin beauty
with the combination of both

In addition to carbon dioxide gas,
retinol and plant-derived bakuchiol are also included.
It stabilizes the power of retinol
which is likely to change due to heat and UV rays,
and reduces the burden on the skin while
achieving intense skin care.


Aim for silky-smooth skin
with gentle keratin care

Gently apply it to rough areas such as the nostrils and
the tip of the chin to care for dead skin and turn it into
silky-smooth skin.



A special experience, but it fs easyTime-saving pack that can be done in your bathroom!


Just apply it to your skin
Special care easily at home for busy people

A major feature of the R-FACE BFT pack is its maximum ease of use. As it is a carbon dioxide gas pack in a tube, just take it out of the tube and apply it to your skin. It is recommended for busy people because they can apply it to their skin in a bathroom and complete the skin care while taking a shower or soaking in a bathtub.

*This is a single-use pack.


It is simple
and easy to use

*We recommend that you use it in a bathroom with high humidity, but you can also use it in your room.
*Please note that the contents may come out when you open the cap.
*Please do not apply it around your eyes and mouth.

  1. Take all gel from the tube with dry hands. 

  2. Gently apply the gel to the entire face and neck but avoid the area around the eyes and mouth.

  3. After leaving the gel for 10-15 minutes, gently spread it using wet hands. (Then rub particularly rough areas (nostrils and chin).
  4. Finally, wash off the gel completely.
  5. As it is for one-time use, it is easy and always hygienic. Please enjoy normal skin care after packing.

The excitement continues from the skin to skin
The enjoyment reaches the bare skin
Your skin will first notice the difference
Believe in your potential
Be happy
Be yourself in the way you want
Enjoy yourself


Thought behind the naming

  • R-FACE

    =Aiming for making the skin that pleases yourself

  • BFT pack

    =Five B carbonic acid (TANSAN) gas pack to please yourself
    Carbon dioxide with five Bs (TANSAN)


Enjoy the carbon dioxide pack care of
the R-FACE BFT pack to aim for
making beautiful and healthy skin.