Dr. Serum BFSS Balancer GMT-SOD


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Product Benefits:

Cellular Repair: Offers twice the benefits of placenta, aiding in cell repair.
Skin Improvement: Addresses skin sensitivity, acne, inflammation, melanin production, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues.
Anti-Fatigue: Reduces red blood cell aggregation, enhances blood circulation, oxygen transport, and diminishes lactic acid accumulation.
SOD Supplementation: Provides SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) to combat free radicals.
Menopausal Comfort: Aids in alleviating menopausal discomfort.

Standard Dosage: 1-2 vials per day
Recommended Duration: Consistent consumption for 3 months
Maintenance Period: Adjust dosage based on individual needs.


Core Ingredients:

  • Rice Bran
  • Soybeans
  • Extracts fermented with Natto Bacillus subtilis


  • 30 vials per box

Shelf Life:

  • 24 months

Country of Origin:

  • Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

**Japanese Patent Office - Two Patents**

- Free from stimulating ingredients, caffeine-free
- No added colorants, flavorings, or preservatives; natural ingredients
- Convenient and ready to drink
- Manufactured using aseptic packaging systems compliant with GMP standards*
- No artificial colorants, flavorings, or preservatives
- Non-caffeinated (less than 0.005g of caffeine per 100ml is considered 0g)
- Stick-type beverage, easy to open by twisting, convenient for consumption and portability

**BFSS Balancer** utilizes patented Celabio®-F, a rice bran and soybean fermentation product rich in potent antioxidant GMT-SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) to effectively combat free radicals.

*Through simultaneous molding, filling, and immediate sealing, the product maintains sterility until opened, ensuring hygienic use.