HEVE BLUE Salmon Caring Centella Bubble Cleanser (200ml)


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💯 It is a surfactant extracted from nature that can be used on the skin and protects the skin barrier and moisturizes without pulling after washing


✔️ Salmon non-irritating pore cleaning solution for sensitive skin!

✔️ Moist and refreshing finish with plenty of bubbles!



- Cleanser verified by pore waste cleaning test

- Bubble cleanser filled with active ingredients based on 46% broccoli water, 10% bottle glue extract, and 9% soebirum extract

- 0.00 non-stimulating cleansing with a rich and soft microbubble

- Moisturizing face wash for skin barrier

- It's a slightly acidic cleanser for oil and water balance


🔸Main Ingredients🔸

- Broccoli

Broccoli from Jeju Island, a clean area rich in various vitamins and minerals, protects skin barriers and adds moisture.

- Made Casoside

It is a key ingredient extracted from the Bottleneck extract and gives a double strong sedation along with the Bottleneck extract.

- Sorbirum extract

Ingredients containing a large amount of natural moisturizing factors and moisture give calming to externally stimulated skin.

- Salmon extract

The pdrn ingredient is an expensive ingredient that is not commonly used and is developed as a raw material to help recover damaged skin and improve the cause.

- Salmon roe extract

It's a salmon moisturizing ingredient that fills your tired skin with life.


🔸Recommend it to people like this🔸

- If you want a moisturizing cleansing without irritating the skin barrier

- If you want to cleanse your pores

- If you need to adjust the oil and water balance

- If you want to take care of your damaged skin without irritation

- If you're worried about your skin texture

- If you're looking for a mild cleanser that doesn't irritate your skin

- If you want a foam cleanser that doesn't irritate your skin

- If you're looking for a daily cleanser

- If you're worried about pores on your back and chest

- Anyone looking for a slightly acidic cleanser for pH balance

- If you had a lot of dryness after washing your face


Made in Korea