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Korea Healthy Place anti-aging and anti-aging dual-effect collagen whitening drink (1 box of 30 sachets)

1. Korea’s exclusive customized collagen whitening program uses the latest whitening nutritional supplement glutathione and vitamin C for more efficient whitening and anti-oxidation. It also supplements micro-molecular collagen, etc., replenishes skin elasticity, and is an all-in-one collagen beauty treatment.

2. The international patented phospholipid coating ensures more efficient absorption of glutathione. The absorption efficiency is 100 times that of other products, and it more effectively promotes the maintenance of glutathione in the body.

3. It is easy to take, dissolves quickly with water and is not thick, and the lemon taste is easy to drink.

4. All-natural and safe ingredients, produced by Korean GMP/HACCP manufacturers, holding US patented raw materials, more secure to use

5. It is endorsed by Korean star Ren Shalang, recommended by beauty salon director Quan Youqing, and recommended by many Korean models and artists for their own use. Korean oliveyoung has been repurchased and received many positive reviews.

Specifications: 30 packs/box


Phospholipid coating glutathione (containing L-cysteine, glycine, L-glutamic acid),

Fish collagen micromolecules, vitamin C, torula yeast extract, biotin, white tomato,

Hyaluronic acid, elastin, whey protein, curcumin, milk thistle, vitamin E, etc.

Taste: lemon flavor

Powder form: light pink, milky white and slightly translucent after flushing (the more water, the lighter the color)

Food/personal care related: (Select the relevant parts, the redundant parts can be deleted, and relevant parameters can be added according to the product)

Applicable people: People over 15 years old, can be taken during pregnancy preparation, men can take it, and girls can take it during menstruation

Contraindicated groups: It may be taken during lactation and pregnancy depending on whether you are allergic to the ingredients and if you confirm that you have no allergies.

Shelf life: 26 months (the current batch expires in May 2025)

Internal/external use: You can take 1-3 sachets a day as needed, with 300ml warm water or ice water; there is no limit on the time of taking, preferably after meals

Use period: 10-30 days per box

It is recommended to continue taking more than two courses of treatment (2 months)

Ingredient description:

-Phospholipid-coated glutathione (contains L-cysteine, glycine, L-glutamic acid):

Inhibits melanin production, promotes skin whitening, and reduces skin damage from ultraviolet rays.

Prevent tanning and sunburn. At the same time, it promotes cell metabolism and detoxification, and regulates body functions.

Glutathione is a protein that can be produced by the human body and is mainly composed of three molecules: glutamine, cystine, and glycine.

-Fish collagen micromolecules: maintain skin elasticity and slow down skin aging.

Helps repair cartilage tissue, strengthens the reticular fibers of the dermis, and maintains skin elasticity.

At the same time, it repairs and supports collapsed tissues, providing anti-wrinkle and lightening fine lines effects.

-Vitamin C: Collaborates with glutathione to enhance antioxidant and whitening effects and improve immunity

- Torula yeast extract: Extracts one of the sources of glutathione, which helps to improve antioxidant capacity and whitening ability.

Neutralize free radicals, improve wrinkles and fine lines, increase skin elasticity, and make skin smooth.

Biotin: An indispensable substance for the human body. Biotin supplementation can alleviate hair loss, brittle nails,

Seborrheic Dermatitis and other conditions.

White tomatoes: Reduce pigmentation, whiten skin, fade spots on the face, and speed up skin metabolism.

Helps eliminate waste from the body. It contains special carotenoids and has better antioxidant properties and activity.

Hyaluronic acid: Makes the skin smooth and moist, and promotes skin cell metabolism.

Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA is one of the main matrix components of human skin epidermis and dermis.

Its physiological function is to allow water to enter the intercellular space and combine with proteins to form a protein gel.

Stick cells together, exert normal cell metabolism, and maintain cell moisture.

Accelerate the recovery of skin tissue, improve wound healing and regeneration capabilities, reduce scars, and enhance immunity.

Elastin: Maintains skin elasticity and supports collagen, a protein that maintains the elasticity of connective tissue.

Whey protein: Promotes muscle growth and aids metabolism.

Curcumin: Promotes glutathione synthesis, helps regulate physiological functions and promotes metabolism.

Milk thistle: Promotes glutathione synthesis and has strong antioxidant effects.

Vitamin E: Collaborates with glutathione to enhance the antioxidant effect.


Maintenance instructions: Please store the product in a cool place away from light


1. Please do not use if you are allergic to milk, collagen, eggs and other ingredients!

2. If you are taking medication, it is recommended to take this product 2 hours after taking the medication.

3. Please store in a cool, dark place and out of reach of children.

Common QA:

Q1: Can men also take it?

A1: It is a product that anyone can take, including men. However, people with specific allergies or diseases should confirm the ingredients and consult a professional doctor before consumption.

Q2: Can the powder be taken orally directly?

A2: The product itself can be taken orally directly (the details page also shows how to eat it in this direction), but according to actual measurements, the 3g capacity is slightly larger. If you eat it directly, it will be choking and a bit sour. Customers who don't mind can also take it directly.

Q3: What is the special function of phospholipid coating?

A: Phospholipids are the main component of cell membranes and are both hydrophilic and lipophilic. After entering the human body, phospholipids can resist gastric acid and bile acids and maximize the absorption of glutathione in the body. Most glutathione in the form of films or other companies is not protected as soon as you eat it, but our products are coated with phospholipids to ensure as much as possible that the glutathione is not lost and absorbed into the body. The difference between good and bad glutathione products is that you need to see if they are formulated to be well absorbed by the body.