Prime S - NMN 23000 4 in 1 Extract with Resveratrol 【Made in JAPAN】 NAD+


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Help you to look and function 10 years younger. Activate longevity DNA, anti-aging for 20 years.

Obtain 2023 Monde Selection Award - Bronze

Active substances:

1) NMN:1 bottle contains 18000mg NMN which has been able to suppress age-associated weight gain, enhance energy metabolism and physical activity, improve insulin sensitivity, improve eye function, improve mitochondrial metabolism and prevent age-linked changes in gene expression. Studies by Harvard Medical School professor, aging expert Dr. David Sinclair revealed that oral administration of NMN effectively increase NAD+ levels1, it can be used by cells on its own, so NMN itself supports cellular rejuvenation, improves various bodily functions, and boosts vitality

2) Ganoderma lucidum cell wall broken powder 50mg: Prime S and the Japanese professional scientific research team jointly developed NMN with broken ganoderma lucidum spore capsules, carefully selected the top Naoi ganoderma lucidum in Japan, and adopted advanced patented wall-breaking technology. The refined spore powder has obtained 100% breaking rate and and awarded patented wall-breaking technology (No.2526185). This technology effectively removes impurities in the spore wall, successfully preserve the active ingredients in ganoderma lucidum spores. Ganoderma lucidum helps improve human immunity, anti-aging, strengthen cardiovascular circulation, improve digestion and respiratory system, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, relieve stress, and which cooperates with NMN can have synergistic effect and maximize the effects of anti-aging and enhancing immunity.

3) Red wine extract powder (resveratrol) 50mg:
Prime S NMN includes 50mg resveratrol, a super antioxidant found in red wine and grapes. Researchers found that combining NMN with resveratrol could enhance the effects of anti-aging, anti-cancer and increase the NAD+ levels in the heart and muscle tissue. Professor David Sinclair, an anti-aging expert, believes that resveratrol works synergistically with NMN.
Each capsule contains 200mg NMN, 50mg resveratrol and 50mg Yukio Naoi ganoderma lucidum blend to help anti-aging, anti-cancer, improve human immunity and keep your body function well, and boosts vitality.

✦ Functions:
8 miraculous effects
1) Repair and activate DNA cell regeneration
2) Enhance physical function
3) Anti-aging 
4) Enhance immunity
5) Improve memory and concentration
6) Keep skin beauty
7) Relieve stress and improve insomnia
8) Maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

Main Ingredients (Per capusle):
-200mg NMN
-50mg Red wine extract (Resveratrol)
-50mg Naoi ganoderma lucidum (With 100% breaking rate and and awarded patented)

All ingredients:NMN、red wine extract powder、Ganoderma lucidum cell wall broken powder or crystalline cellulose, calcium stearate

Consume 3 capsule per day with water.

Net content:38.43g (427mg X 99 capsules)

Origin: Japan

- Please confirm the ingredients and do not take it if you have any food allergies.
- Please take the daily recommended dosage and stop taking it when you feel abnormal.
- Please confirm the ingredients and do not take it if you have any food allergies.
- For special populations (such as children, pregnant women, lactation, drug treatment, etc.), please consult a physician.
- If you feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it and consult a professional doctor.
- Please close the seal immediately after eating and eat it as soon as possible.
- Do not place in extremely hot or cold places, places exposed to direct sunlight.
- Please keep out of reach of children. 
- Do not place in places where the sun hits or high temperatures. 
- Please be careful about fire. 
- Color and taste of the capsules may be a bit vary with different batches but the quality is safe.