sMTS - HA Serum Ampoule HA 25ml (Parallel Import)


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🔸 Oligopeptide-1: Use liposome penetration technology to enhance skin absorption, increase elasticity and skin cell growth to achieve anti-wrinkle effect, with moisturizing ability.
🔸Double-effect moisturizing HA+B5: The king of moisturizing in large and small molecules, increasing skin moisture, replenishing water and locking in moisture at the same time.
🔸 Royal jelly: Delays skin aging, reduces pigment formation, and helps eliminate acne and inflammatory skin.
🔸 Purslane: It has good anti-inflammatory effect, can remove free radicals from the human body, has antioxidant effect, and delays skin aging.
🔸 Centella Asiatica leaf water: Promote the formation of collagen in the dermis layer, repair and moisturize the skin, and inhibit


Made in Korea