SURIMU Black Fiber Belly Reducing Enzyme 2.0


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The new star-rated belly fat reducing enzyme 2.0 from Japan is added with Japanese patented LTK probiotics and Japanese efficacy patented LACRIS™ 15 billion lactic acid bacteria. Taking Surimu Belly Eliminating Black Fiber Enzyme can help absorb nutrients, promote body metabolism, and help you detoxify and clear your bowels. Therefore, the new generation of enzyme pills not only enhances the slimming effect of the first generation and reduces belly fat more effectively, it can also improve Your gut is healthy and your immunity is boosted.

1 bottle 90 capsules

Taking Surimu fat reduction black fiber enzyme can have the following effects:

• Reduce fat accumulation between the waist and internal organs

• Promote intestinal peristalsis and eliminate feces

• Increase metabolic rate

• Increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the body and adjust intestinal health

• Helps the body burn fat

• Helps inhibit the body's absorption of carbohydrates


main ingredient

Japan's Surimu Belly Reducing Black Fiber Enzyme is formulated with the following 7 major ingredients:

Japanese patented LTK probiotics

Natural miso is fermented in Japan. Each 1g of miso contains about 4 trillion lactic acid bacteria and halophilic Tetracoccus. Clinical trials have proven that the absorption of lactic acid bacteria and halophilic Tetracoccus has the effect of weight loss.

Japanese efficacy patented LACRIS™ lactic acid bacteria 15 billion

Japan's patented LACRIS™ lactobacillus has undergone many years of clinical trials in Japan and has been consumed for more than 50 years. It is one of the safest lactic acid bacteria. Research shows that absorbing the patented LACRIS™ lactic acid bacteria can help maintain digestive tract function and adjust the body's constitution, while changing the bacterial ecology in the body, making defecation smoother.


Absorbing probiotics can proliferate a large number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and improve the activity, proliferation rate and survival rate of probiotics in the body.

Ayurvedic herbs

Ayurvedic herbs have the effect of inhibiting intestinal carbohydrate uptake. They also have the ability to inhibit lipase and may reduce the rate of lipid absorption after each meal.


In addition to helping to eliminate waste from the body, absorbing kombucha can also help improve metabolism and reduce body fat accumulation. In addition, the rich acetic acid and polyphenols in kombucha can help lose weight more efficiently.

Comprehensive plant fermentation extract

A fermented extract made from 9 major plants (soybean, orange, banana, yam, kiwi, peach, sesame, cashew nut, and apple). It contains various enzymes, oligosaccharides, and a variety of vitamins and minerals needed by the human body. Promote metabolism and intestinal health, help detoxify and clear stool, and reduce abdominal edema.

aloe vera extract

The human body absorbs aloe vera extract, which can increase the secretion of digestive juices and thereby promote intestinal peristalsis.

Function of pelvic digestion enzyme products

Continuously taking Surimu Belly Reducing Black Fiber Enzyme for one course of treatment can play the following roles, improving intestinal health, enhancing your own immunity, and achieving the effects of losing weight and reducing belly fat:

• Clear away feces from the body and effectively prevent constipation

• Maintain intestinal health and prevent colorectal cancer

• Reduce edema caused by accumulation of toxins in the body

• Increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines

• 24-hour high speed to help you absorb and burn fat quickly

• Effectively decomposes oil absorbed from food and detoxifies effectively

• Improve intestinal function, hormone secretion, and improve skin radiance

Belly elimination enzyme is suitable for people

Surimu Belly Reducing Black Fiber Enzyme is suitable for the following types of people:

• People with constipation

• People at high risk of colorectal cancer

• People who lose weight

• People with edema

• People who want to detoxify and beautify their skin

• People who eat a high-fat diet


Made In Japan